Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspiring Documentary Returns to Des Moines

“A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" Returns For Full Week To Fleur Cinema – Des Moines, Iowa

After a very successful recent screening, the inspiring feature-length documentary “A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story” is returning to The Fleur Cinema & Café for a full week long theatrical run starting this Friday October 30 through November 5.

Winner of the #1 Audience Favorite Award at five film festivals in a row, “A Friend Indeed” has been surprising and delighting viewers with its powerful story of human compassion and incredible range of heartfelt emotion.

The documentary tells the true story of Bill Sackter who was institutionalized for over four decades for mild mental retardation, and his friendship with Barry Morrow (Academy Award Winning Screenwriter for “Rain Man”) who in real life as a young college student took the unprecedented step of becoming Bill’s legal guardian to keep Bill from being sent back to the institution.

Their friendship, Bill’s positive outlook on life and his eventual rise to international fame was chronicled in the highly successful made-for-tv movie “Bill” (1981) starring Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid, and Morrow’s screenplay for the production also won him an Emmy Award.

But Barry Morrow’s original intention of creating a real life documentary about Bill Sackter (using the hours of film and video footage and hundreds of photographs he captured of Bill during his life) would have to wait for over two decades until Barry met Iowa filmmaker Lane Wyrick and entrusted him to complete this project that was so dear to his heart.

Wyrick spent the next 8 years editing the archival footage along with filming new interviews of Barry Morrow and many others who were close to Bill. He also closely collaborated with Hollywood-trained composer Peter Bloesch who created a very rich and emotional full orchestral music score for the production.

“A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story” has been praised for retaining its documentary authenticity while having an entertaining quality more akin to a Hollywood movie. Wyrick’s groundbreaking hybrid style is very unique, and the film is filled with lots of humor and is ultimately very inspiring, but a box of Kleenex is also highly recommended!

Don’t miss your chance to see firsthand why “A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story” is becoming the grassroots hit for moviegoers looking for a very positive, inspirational experience that will touch their hearts, and that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Even if you have never heard of Bill Sackter, by the end of this film you will know and care for him like a close friend!

“A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story”

LOCATION: The Fleur Cinema & Café, 4545 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa

Screening October 30 Through November 5

For showtimes, visit:

Tickets are just $8 for General Admission (Matinees, Seniors & Children are $6) and are available at the door.

For more information about Bill Sackter and “A Friend Indeed” and for reviews and video clips, please visit

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  1. I am so sorry that I didn't find out until now that you were in Des Moines. My brother, Ed Gaines, was hired after Bill died to help take over the Coffee Shop in North Hall. Ed has cerebral palsey, but managed to help operate the coffee shop. He then formed a graphic arts company, Mr. Ed's Super Graphics, and until recently, printed business cards, etc. for customers of the Small Mall. I can't wait to see your movie. I used to ride the same bus as Bill...he would entertain us with his harmonica and dress as Santa during the holidays...what a warm wonderful heart!

    Barb Duncan


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