Monday, July 28, 2008

Hancher Premiere a Big Success - Next Stop Hardacre

On June 7, 2008 the World Premiere of “A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story” was held at Iowa City’s main entertainment venue Hancher Auditorium.

Hancher Auditorium - World Premiere
Audience of 1175

This was the first public screening ever of the completed feature-length documentary, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with a crowd of 1175 people that filled the entire main level and spilled into the balcony. 

The documentary received a standing ovation, and many people commented later about being surprised by the wide ranging emotional content of the production, from very funny high points to deeply serious moments that brought tears to the eyes of many, but overall leaving people with a highly uplifting feeling about Bill Sackter and the people that helped him.

Lane Wyrick & Barry Morrow

Following the screening, there was a Q&A session with filmmaker Lane Wyrick, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Barry Morrow (who was Bill’s legal guardian), Music Composer Peter Bloesch, and Jack Doepke (one of Bill’s & Barry’s best friends).

Reception in Hancher Lobby

Following the Q&A, there was a reception in the lobby of Hancher, sponsored by the Univ. of Iowa School of Social Work, allowing cast members, contributors, many friends of Bill, and those that were new to the story to mingle.

This wonderful evening was was the last event to be held in Hancher for some time – three days later it had to be evacuated and then it sustained $13 million damage from the Floods of ’08. Fortunately the Premiere event was videotaped, and will soon be posted on the Bill Sackter Documentary Website at .

Next Stop, Hardacre Film Festival

On Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 9 p.m. the Festival Premiere of “A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story” will be held at the Hardacre Film Festival in Tipton, Iowa.

Already gaining a significant amount of festival buzz, the documentary was chosen as the finale screening for the entire film festival.

Festival Director Travis Alden, in an interview with the Quad Cities Times had this to say about the documentary: “It’s a documentary that’s just super-well-done. It’s very moving, very emotional. I’m not embarrassed to say it brought me to tears,” he said. “It really renews your positive outlook toward the human spirit.”

There is more information about the Hardacre Film Festival at: Tickets are available for the Closing Evening Show, and there will be Q&A with filmmaker Lane Wyrick after the 9 p.m. screening.  

This festival is a competition, and awards will be announced immediately following the screening.

I hope to see you at the festival! - Lane

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